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DVS conquers Galaxy

Various DVS systems driving a 4k workflow have enabled Belgium's renowned audio studio Galaxy to successfully establish itself in the field of post production.

Various DVS systems driving a 4k workflow have enabled Belgium’s renowned audio studio Galaxy to successfully establish itself in the field of post production.

By integrating Clipster, DVS-SAN and SpycerBox into its infrastructure, Galaxy has gained maximum flexibility. Clipster, DVS’s multi-faceted DI workstation, plays a significant role in the new workflow. Galaxy not only uses Clipster for ingest and playout of film data but also for mastering, conforming and quality control. All steps in the DCI mastering process can easily be performed with Clipster. Galaxy has said goodbye to time-consuming transfer processes, as viewing the finished DCP directly in Clipster allows Galaxy’s editors to control its quality quickly and simply.

DVS-SAN, utilised as a central storage system, enables Galaxy to reliably store and efficiently manage content in one location. Several workstations can access large amounts of content simultaneously. Integrated with RAID-6 technology, DVS-SAN provides dependable protection for Galaxy’s sensitive data.

DVS’s SpycerBox functions as near-line storage allowing various workstations direct access to content. Even large projects can be stored at the same time, equipping Galaxy with utmost storage flexibility. In addition, Galaxy also uses SpycerBox as a backup solution for its film projects before being saved on magnetic tape. SpycerBox was simply integrated into the existing infrastructure as a result of its numerous connectivity options.

The innovative content management software Spycer has proved the ideal solution for Galaxy to effortlessly manage the material for various projects. Spycer enables high-speed copying processes as well as searching and editing of image data and its metadata.

Due to its professional infrastructure and expertise Galaxy has successfully established itself in the field of post production. Galaxy significantly contributed to the production of notable film projects such as “The Hessen Affair” and “Spion van Oranje”.

Joris Van Den Hauwe, commercial manager at Galaxy, said the DVS systems have “perfectly complemented our workflow. We are enthusiastic about their easy handling and absolute reliability. Only after we have been working non-stop with our new workflow for one year we had our first contact with the DVS service team – and that was just because we had a change in our power supply.”

Ernst-Joerg Oberhoessel, sales director at DVS, added that “with its unique 4k workflow, Galaxy has quickly made a name for itself in the field of post production. We are delighted that our systems have made a vital contribution to the opening of a new business segment for Galaxy.”