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Dropbox introduces time-based commenting for audio and video

Allows teams to efficiently review files

Dropbox has introduced a time-based commenting feature, designed to streamline the review process for video and audio files.

The function allows users to place a comment at a specific point on the file’s timeline, as the company explains: “Instead of commenting, ‘There’s a popping noise on the soundtrack about a minute in,’ reviewers can place a comment at the 0:51 mark that says, ‘Remove popping noise.'”

Further benefits include:

  • Enhanced playback: adjust speed and scrub through 1080p video previews with thumbnails and audio previews with waveforms.
  • Broad format support: preview and comment on over 30 video and audio file types, including QuickTime, MPEG-4, MXF, MP3 and WAV.
  • Multi-gigabyte file sharing: send files big and small – no need to compress files to fit in under an email attachment size limit.
  • Fast approvals: @mention team members, clients and vendors to notify them of your comments.

Time-based commenting is available on and the iOS app, with support for Android coming soon.