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dock10 extends virtual and augmented reality capabilities with Mo-Sys

Facility has added a further nine channels of Mo-Sys' StarTracker technology

dock10 is extending its virtual studio and augmented reality capabilities with a further nine channels of camera tracking.

The facility already had five channels, but says the extra StarTrackers will enable it to ensure the technology is available for multiple clients at the same time.

StarTracker uses a random pattern of reflective dots – or stars – on the studio ceiling. Once mapped, any StarTracker camera can be precisely located in three-dimensional space, and for 6-axes of movement. In addition, precision lens data enables the CGI elements to be distorted to match the camera lens for even greater realism.

dock10 was already using the technology on Match of the Day.

“Directors want to be able to work in different sized studios, to accommodate a range of performers, physical sets and mixed reality,” said Andy Waters, head of studios at dock10. “To meet this growing demand from our clients, we took our experience with key enabling technologies like StarTracker, and super-sized it across all our studios.”