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DNEG adds camera tracking to its toolkit

Adds tracking and motion capture to visual effects capabilities

Vicon has signed a contract with visual effects provider DNEG, enabling the studio’s use of its camera tracking solution.

Vicon’s Vantage solution will be utilised for camera tracking during film shoots, allowing precise positioning of film cameras in order to accurately composite live action footage with visual effects.

Adding motion capture to DNEG’s toolkit is said to help the team capture the performances of actors and recreate virtual environments within various studios across the world.

DNEG head of virtual production Isaac Partouche said: “When you are tracking the position of film cameras, especially on a busy set, markers can sometimes be obstructed, which impacts the accuracy of the data.

“Thanks to features within Vicon’s Tracker software, jitter is minimised when obstructions do happen. Furthermore, adding Vicon’s Shōgun software will also allow us to stream real-time motion capture data direct into a game engine to visualise CG characters. Coupling this with the high precision of the Vantage system means that Vicon really delivers on our camera tracking requirements.”