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Clear-Com provides communications at presidential debates

Clear-Com is providing a total communications solution for the presidential debates.

Clear-Com is providing a total communications solution for the presidential debates. The company’s Eclipse Median digital matrix, HelixNet Partyline intercom systems and Tempest 2400 digital wireless intercom with the new Seamless Roaming feature are providing each of the four debate locations with an integrated communications solution. “Eclipse and HelixNet proved themselves at the Summer Games and will continue this success during the debates,” said Larry Estrin, Clear-Com’s Strategic Technology specialist, who is handling the wireless coordination and communications for the debates. “Adding Tempest2400 with the Seamless Roaming feature provides an additional wireless element that allows staff required to be in all areas of the venue to move freely without loss of signal or having to change the settings on their BeltStations. Most important, all the Clear-Com intercoms were designed to be used together, providing us with a seamless fit across of all communication elements.” At the heart of the communication setup is an Eclipse Median frame located backstage. It handles venue communications, while a second and third Eclipse frame, located in the media pool, allows broadcast and print media management personnel to communicate with the production crew about shot selection and other important elements. A fourth Eclipse frame is positioned at the pool broadcast truck. Its primary function is to interface with the venue’s Clear-Com system and the truck’s installed intercom system. This setup allows the crew to place a Clear-Com V-Series panel at or inside the pool truck. Throughout the venues and the media center, V-Series panels are employed in any location connecting to the communications network via panels. HelixNet is being integrated with the backstage Eclipse frame to handle communications and cues for the various technical departments within each debate hall. Tempest2400 is being used by crew members who need to move throughout the debate hall, such as the stage managers and handlers for the candidates. Clear-Com’s CC-300 and CC-400 headsets are employed with all the