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ChyronHego’s Virtual Football scores with FIFA

Passed the performance criteria required for Virtual Offside Line (VOL) technology

Football’s governing body has officially certified ChyronHego’s Virtual Football system, which enables users to insert virtual graphics onto the field.

FIFA certified that Virtual Football was able to pass the performance criteria required for Virtual Offside Line (VOL) technology.

The technology enables referees to accurately place an offside line and help them make decisions more easily. Broadcasters and stadium entertainment teams can use it to give fans a better understanding of how and why officials make crucial decisions throughout the game.

“ChyronHego has been at the forefront of this technology for over a decade and has made several exciting enhancements to Virtual Football specifically for offside line placement within the VAR workflow,” said Niall Hendry, product manager, sports, at ChyronHego. “We have optimised calibration speed and workflow, as well as field and lens parameters, and we’ve also enabled selection from multiple angles to improve accuracy and streamline the user workflow.”