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Chrosziel accessories for Panasonic

Chrosziel has designed three new accessory kits for Panasonic's new AG-AF100/AF101, and a new kit for the AG-3DA1 3D camcorder.

Chrosziel has designed three new accessory kits for Panasonic’s new AG-AF100/AF101, and a new kit for the AG-3DA1 3D camcorder.

Two of the AF101 kits are based on its recently introduced LightWeight Support 401-427 with 15 mm rods together with MatteBox 450R2 with two rotating filter stages. The front stage takes 4×4-inch or 4×5.65-inch filters, the rear stage 4×4-inch.

The kits are distinguished by their light-prevention rings. Chrosziel assumes that the camera will typically be used with only one type of lens – cine or photo. Hence the 450R2AF1KIT with flexible light-prevention rings is intended for typical Micro Four Thirds Lenses with 50mm to 85 mm outside diameter; while the 450R2AF2KIT is designed for compact PL-mounted lenses with diameters from 75mm to 95 mm.

For all larger lens diameters up to 130 mm, there is the 456-20AF1KIT with LightWeight Support 401-427, MatteBox 456 Academy Double with Flexi-Insertring (411-68) for diameters from 95 to 125 mm.

The Kits with MatteBox 450R2 cost €1,317, the MB 456 Academy Double version costs €1,794.

Also new is Chrosziel’s 3DA1Kit (456-203DA1KIT – pictured) for the AG-3DA1. It consists of a LightWeight Support (401-415) with 15mm rods, the MatteBox 456 Academy Double and the Retaining Ring (410-65) shaped to tightly fit the camera’s twin lens.

Those who already have the LightWeight Support for Panasonic’s HVX200 can continue using it. It also fits on the Sony PMW-F3 and the Canon XF300/305.

The MatteBox 456 Academy is equipped with two rotating filter stages with multiformat filter holders (510-01) for 5×5-inch and 4×5.560inch. When using the 5×5-inch filters, both stages rotate without restriction.

All 2/3-inch TV and Cine MatteBoxes with a142.5mm connection can be used on the AG-3DA1 with the retaining ring 410-24 also shaped to fit the twin lens. The Kit costs €1,863.