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Chaos Group unveils Cloud rendering tool

Allows artists to render an entire animation in the time it takes to render a single frame

Computer graphics company Chaos Group has launched new Cloud rendering service Chaos Cloud.

Designed to be an intuitive service to to help artists and designers visualise anything from anywhere, the technology allows users to tap into the Cloud with one click and start rendering immediately.

Following five years of R&D, artists can now render an entire animation in the time it takes to render a single frame – without having to track assets, manage licences, set up virtual machines or pack scenes.

A 3D rendering of an opera house

Chaos Cloud also includes SmartSync technology, meaning data only needs to be uploaded once. This is then stored in the secure SmartVault database, which keeps track of asset “fingerprints.”

Artists can also control Chaos Cloud from almost any device, including a smartphone. With Live View and Remote Control, users can monitor progress, preview images, and pause or cancel renders from anywhere with an internet connection.

Chaos Cloud director of engineering Boris Simandoff said: “Artists love the idea of throwing hundreds of computers at a job but dislike the hidden costs and challenges that come with traditional Cloud rendering services. Chaos Cloud simplifies this process, reducing it to a single button inside the world’s most popular renderer.”