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Cartoni introduces UV disinfection device for video equipment

The UV-C Boxer can be used on cameras, batteries, lenses, Steadicam and accessories

Cartoni has introduced a new device that disinfects digital and film equipment for the video industry.

The UV-C Boxer can be used on cameras, batteries, lenses, Steadicam and accessories.

The device uses the UV-C, or germicidal UV, wavelength of UV light, typically between 200 to 280 nanometers, which inactivates pathogens like bacteria and viruses.

In the right strength and dose, the light modifies the DNA structure of an infectious cell so it cannot reproduce and therefore cannot colonise and spread.

Cartoni said UV-C has been used in hospitals and healthcare facilities for decades and is proven to be effective in both the reduction of hygiene failures and in control environmental contamination by high-concern micro-organisms, such as Covid-19.

The UV-C BOXER leverages germicidal UV to safely sanitise the surface of film and video equipment without emitting moisture, gas or powders. It is equipped with ten medical-grade UV-C (100-280nm) lamps, which aims to neutralise any nasty organisms which might have an impact on film and video sets. According to Cartoni, if used correctly the device does not affect optical lens coating, electronic circuits and boards, lubricants, rubber, or plastic in cameras, lenses, monitors, microphones, etc.

The company said the total disinfection cycle  takes five minutes to sanitise each batch of equipment, as metered by a timer.