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Carbonite proves to be Ultra upgradeable

Ross Video’s Carbonite Production Switcher will be upgradeable to Ultra HD as part of a free Version 9 software upgrade.

Ross Video’s Carbonite Production Switcher will be upgradeable to Ultra HD as part of a free Version 9 software upgrade that will also enable Carbonite to be switched to 3G (1080p 50 or 60/59.94).

“These updates make Carbonite the perfect tool for users who want to adopt the very latest full HD progressive standard and make sure their production system investment is protected for years to come,” said Nigel Spratling, marketing product manager for Ross Video.

“To upgrade to 3G, users simply download the free software. Once in 3G mode, Carbonite’s MiniMEs can be used for UHD (4K) production by turning on MultiScreen mode. That’s truly remarkable processing power—at zero cost—and yet another innovative first from Ross. No other switcher of this size and price point can offer 3G, let alone 4K at 50 and 60Hz,” he claimed.

The switch to 3G doesn’t require any new hardware, Carbonite owners just need to download the software. However, in 3G mode, the number of DVEs is reduced to four from eight, and the maximum number of MultiViewer windows is reduced to 10 from 16, for a total of 20 independent sources across two output heads. 3G signals contain twice the data of standard HD, which is why there is some resource reduction. All other resources remain the same, and MiniMEs, MultiScreen and 2.5ME modes are all accessible.

MiniMEs, which are a free update for all Carbonite systems, are powerful effects modules that include an independent Mixer and two Keyers (one standard Keyer and one specifically for DVE boxes). MiniME modules do not reside in a fixed position in the signal flow – they are not Upstream, Midstream or Downstream – but can be used anywhere in the signal path for additional dissolves and key layers, and are immediately released as soon as the transition or effect is complete. There are four MiniMEs in the system (regardless of how many full MEs the Carbonite system has installed), but as they are automatically attached when required they can be assigned to multiple locations – and all four can be used simultaneously, or cascaded. Using the four together allows each to be used on a quarter of an Ultra HD image.

Carbonite’s MultiScreen mode locks all four MiniME controls together, enabling mixes, cuts and keys to be applied to UHD 3G quad link inputs. While MiniMEs have no preview output, all of the basic switching functions and keying to provide perfect UHD output can be easily and quickly delivered. As many as six UHD quad link sources can be input for UHD programme output and, if the quad link format is pixel/line interleave, sources can easily be monitored via standard 1080 displays and Carbonite’s MultiViewers. This quad link format also enables simultaneous UHD and 1080p outputs.

The MultiScreen mode allows users to manage up to four separate screens simultaneously, merging content for up to four projectors on a single screen with edge blending, scale outputs across multiple displays with bezel compensation, and gives integrated visual control of screens in 1×2, 2×1, 1×3, 3×1, 1×4, 4×1 and 2×2 configurations.

Version 9.0 should be available in July.