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Camera Corps to deploy compact remote camera link at London 2012

Camera Corps will deploy 68 SIMPLY SMPTE compact remote camera links at the Summer Olympics.

Camera Corps will use 68 SIMPLY SMPTE compact remote camera links at the Summer Olympics. Exhibited in prototype at NAB 2012 and now in production, the link allows any remotely controlled camera system in the company’s product range to be operated over long distance via SMPTE 3K-standard electrical/optical cable. “The SIMPLY SMPTE remote link was developed for use at large-scale outside broadcast events requiring long camera-to-base distances,” stated Camera Corps’ technical director Jim Daniels. “It allows large remote heads and boxed cameras to be operated over distances of 5 kilometres or more while maintaining the security and reliability of a dedicated link. Because of their relatively low power requirement, our Q-Ball and Q-Ball Pre-Set systems can be operated over even greater distances of more than 8 kilometres. The link’s physical footprint is very small relative to other systems of comparable versatility.” Camera Corps’ SIMPLY SMPTE remote link consists of a base unit and remote unit. Powered by 110 or 240 volts AC, the 303 x 165 x 65 millimetre 3.63-kilogramme base unit has an optical input for incoming video data. Electrical inputs allow direct connection of analogue genlock video and audio frequency control data. A loop-through connector is provided for the control data channel. Incoming video from the remote camera is accessible via two HD-SDI outputs. The remote unit measures 226 x 106 x 56 millimetres and weighs 1 kilogramme. It accepts HD-SDI from the camera and provides genlock, audio data and AC power plus dual 12-volt DC 60 watt outputs on XLR4 sockets for auxiliary equipment. The link can also convey 240 volts to maintain power headroom. Power from the base unit to the remote unit is fully isolated and protected against an open circuit or incompatible equipment.