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BMW BERLIN-MARATHON crosses over to Sony Virtual Production

Helped Infront Productions reach new global audiences through social media

The BMW BERLIN-MARATHON has employed a new wireless workflow with Sony Virtual Production, in partnership with Deutsche Telekom and Infront Productions.

Sony’s Cloud-based live event broadcasting solution allowed Infront Productions to reach new global audiences through social media with high-quality live images of the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON.

The Sony Virtual Production Cloud switcher enabled Infront Productions to operate Sony Xperia smartphones to engage with fans directly, thereby optimising resources and reducing set-up times.

“We see a real shift taking place in production,” said Peer Seitz, head of production, Infront Productions. “In the past, we brought the data centre to the event, sometimes in the form of an OB van, but now, we’re bringing the events closer to the data centre, simply by moving to the Cloud and transferring content via the internet.

“We’ve collaborated with Sony Virtual Production for the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON and the set-up that we are implementing enables flexible resource allocation; in the future, it will allow production operators to work from wherever they want.”

“There is a growing appetite for personalisation in viewing experience,” added Tiana Trumpa, 5G product manager, Deutsche Telekom. “One way of increasing the engagement of viewers is by adapting their high-quality content created on smartphones into the production. At Deutsche Telekom, we want to enable production companies to achieve this by providing the required network capabilities.”