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Bel Digital Audio: Loudness metering on all 16 channel monitors

Bel Digital Audio has announced at IBC that all of its 16 channel audio and audio/video monitors will now feature loudness metering as standard. The current range of eight variants of 1U and 2U 16 channel, HD monitors/de-embedders has been upgraded to provide loudness monitoring to the latest standards

Each of the monitors has the ability to choose between monitoring loudness by momentary, three second, ten second, integrated and dynamic ranges. As a consequence, all the units comply with both the recommendations of ITU-R BS.1770-2 and ITU-R BS. 1771-1.

Loudness metering can be displayed in four ways chosen by the user from the easily navigated menu with each showing different combinations of loudness measures. This enables the user to choose which measurements they prefer to show more prominently.

Bel Digital Audio’s range of 16 channel audio or audio and video monitors, provide confidence monitoring and demuxing of 3G, HD, SD and SDI signals, said the company. All the units auto detect the various compatible video formats and auto-configure accordingly removing any need for manual selection. They also accept eight AES 3id pairs and up to 10 analogue inputs via the comprehensive input and output choices on the rear panel.

Visible monitoring of each channel of audio is by high resolution bargraph metres with adjustable colour transition points featuring a peak-hold facility. Four user assignable scales and ballistics are also available. Audible monitoring is via magnetically shielded speakers.

All units feature medical grade internal power supplies for reliability, while also removing the need for any external power adapters. There is also the facility for SDI re-clocking and loop-through on each device.