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BBC completes first live 5G production trial

Reduces both complexity and cost of production

The BBC and BT have completed the UK’s first live TV contribution over a public 5G connection using EE’s 5G network.

BBC Breakfast covered the launch of the UK’s first 5G network in a segment that was beamed back to BBC New Broadcasting House over the same 5G network.

According to the BBC, 4G network links require multiple connections to provide the capacity to carry the live video feeds. In this 5G trial only one connection was needed, reducing both the complexity and cost of production.

Specialised 5G modems were connected to BBC News cameras to take advantage of the new 5G network. The trial also allowed the teams to explore different encoding options to compress the video.

BBC chief technology and product officer Matthew Postgate said: “This is an excellent example of how the BBC experiments with cutting-edge technology to improve how we make programmes.

“5G is a hugely interesting area for us to explore, with potential to reduce the cost and complexity of outside broadcasts, and as a way of delivering content to audiences in the future.

“The internet will play a bigger role in broadcasting and we’re pioneering the techniques, standards and ways of working to truly take advantage of it,” he added.