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Aspera to preview new streaming service at NAB

Aspera has announced it will preview a new streaming service for high-quality video and data streaming at this year’s NAB Show.

The company says the new streaming platform service has “new technology that can support any streaming provider (live video or data from TCP as well as UDP sources) without modification, and across a variety of clients (browser, mobile and desktop) using Aspera Files and Aspera Transfer Service SaaS platforms.”

Aspera, IBM’s content transfer company, will also showcase new capabilities across Aspera Files, Aspera Transfer Service, Aspera Analytics, Aspera Drive, Aspera Shares, and Aspera Orchestrator.

The new generation of the Transfer Service system includes advancements in core FASP transport performance and security, optimised scale out options that can sustain 20gbps+ multi-session jobs across clustered cloud instances, and full multi-tenant management.

New capabilities offer the ability to transmit live video and data streams for universal delivery of any bulk streaming application over the WAN – including live video ingest and distribution, high quality streaming to the browser, and live data ingest for big data analytics.