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App Annie adds support for Apple TV apps

App analytics specialist App Annie has added Apple TV to its growing list of supported platforms

App analytics specialist App Annie has added Apple TV to its growing list of supported platforms.

The company’s monitoring system, Store Stats, added the data after analysing the top 100 free tvOS apps by downloads in the UK, US and Japan on Christmas Day.

The top five categories comprising the 100 most downloaded free apps accounted for the majority of free apps downloaded by Apple TV owners.

The share ranged from a UK figure of 80 per cent, to 91 per cent in the US. Although the Apple Watch supports considerably more categories than Apple TV at present, these figures present a higher degree of category consolidation than the top five Apple Watch categories, which were analysed in December (57 per cent).

Throughout each analysed location, games and entertainment accounted for the majority of the top 100 free apps by downloads. Of the three, only the US saw entertainment apps outnumbered games.

This is likely to be caused by the relative ease of moving a video app to tvOS platform, as well as the vast number of broadcasts and pay-TV providers serving the US.

While entertainment apps are projected to grow on Apple TV, they would also be aimed at the iPad. As the tablet remains a personal, portable device with a multi­touch display and a strong productivity story, television more often delivers a passive, shared experience. The aggregate third, fourth and fifth place categories of free iPad apps of Japan, the UK and US combined are social networking, productivity and utilities – none of which can be expected to be adapted for TV apps.