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albert revamps production carbon calculator

New global version of carbon calculator will roll out to all Fremantle offices during 2021, making it the first TV company to calculate its carbon footprint on a global scale using the albert toolkit.

BAFTA’s sustainability initiative albert has revamped its production carbon calculator and certification toolkit as its marks its first 10 years.

The calculator was originally launched in August 2011 with the support of the albert consortium; a group of UK TV broadcasters and indies who came together to actively look for ways to reduce their collective environmental impact.

“We’re incredibly proud of the albert calculator and certification tools but as new innovations come to the market and as the productions we work with become increasingly sophisticated, we felt now was the right time for a revamp, making sure that we can offer a world class product that can truly help any production large or small to reduce its environmental impact,” said Roser Canela Mas, albert’s industry sustainability manager.

The new global version of albert’s carbon calculator has been developed through investment from production and distribution company Fremantle. In 2021 it will roll out the global calculator to all its offices around the world, becoming the first TV company to calculate its carbon footprint on a global scale using the albert toolkit and measuring their impact against internationally recognised standards.

Aaron Matthews – head of industry sustainability at BAFTA said; “Our certification logo is a badge of honour for productions to add to their end boards and is a lovely way to recognise the efforts they’ve gone to, to reduce their environmental impact. Our updated carbon action plan which leads to albert certification means that both the production community and members of the public will know that when they see our logo on the end board that a certain sustainability standard has been achieved.”