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3D: Giving a concert added dimension

A high profile rock concert needed special attention for its 3D transmission. Philip Stevens talked to the editor to discover what was involved in 3D post.

When Vértice 360º recorded the first music concert in 3D for Canal+3D Spain, it wanted to capture the excitement of the live atmosphere.

The concert, featuring Spanish star, Enrique Bunbury, was staged to make the most of 3D, including a huge three-sided set in the centre of the soundstage, with the the crew and the audience moving around them. The concert was also recorded twice, so that the seven stereoscopic units and four mono cameras that were used to cover the event could capture the action from as many angles as possible.

Vértice 360º, which produced the event, worked with its associated companies Videoreport and Apuntolapospo, to handle the staging and editing respectively.

Read, download or print the full feature from the TVBEurope April 2011 Digital Edition (page 10)