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Why rights management is so important for sports and esports

By Michel Beke, product ambassador, MediaGenix

With the RIGHTS OUT web app, the Revenue Share Calculation Engine, automated orchestration of the OTT/VOD distribution workflow, and the new module for sports and esports, broadcast management platform WHATS’ON by MEDIAGENIX comes up with a new series of innovative answers to the industry’s challenges.

RIGHTS OUT, the new cloud-native web app by MEDIAGENIX, cuts through the complexity and pitfalls of selling content rights, eliminates time consuming chores, and leaves more time to optimise a key revenue stream. Linked to the content repository of Broadcast Management Platform WHATS’ON, this web app 

enables broadcasters to efficiently identify sales opportunities, plan sales, clear rights, draw up deals, orchestrate and follow up on tasks, calculate and manage revenue distribution and —in a later stage—draw up contracts and deliver the materials. 

Whatever kinds of complex revenue share calculations are needed for whatever kind of beneficiary, the new WHATS’ON Revenue Share Calculation Engine by MEDIAGENIX allows users to produce the needed overviews and a range of reports which can be easily pre-configured or manually produced according to user reporting requirements.

Speed and efficiency are of the essence in today’s multiplatform media landscape, and workflows need to be integrated tightly and with great flexibility. Integrating with best-of breed solutions and APIs to piece it all together, Broadcast Management Platform WHATS’ON by MEDIAGENIX sets the pace with the automated orchestration of the VoD/OTT distribution workflow as a case in point.

For both OTT and linear channels and networks, the WHATS’ON solution for sports and esports is the most comprehensive and powerful tool to manage and schedule live content (live games and events, talk shows and sport news) as well as recorded and preproduced content, such as sport magazines and documentaries.