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The foundations of media monitoring

Hailton Lopes, product manager at VoiceInteraction, explains how the company is helping clients to grow and evolve their organisations

TV Broadcasting and Clipping Industries are now trying to respond to the increasing workflow costs, changing environments and, as a result of new competition, they need to keep up with their businesses and improve their efficiency, whether we are talking about getting new tools or just consolidate and optimize the existing operations. 

VoiceInteraction’s commitment to its clients is to ensure our Speech Processing Technology reaches the audience as an integrated solution for cross-sectional departments (engineering, journalistic, production and even commercial & marketing) with low long-term investments. 

Advertisers are increasingly aware of the importance of OTT platforms and are investing in them by diversifying their Marketing assets and where the money is invested. Regarding these new realities, broadcasters are now faced with their own challenges as they need to, not only make their content available on different platforms and social media from different formats and limited bandwidth, but also to provide more services while reducing the overall costs. Normally, this implies new approaches such as virtualization, process automation and new infrastructure technologies aside from maintaining and keep the broadcasts’ quality.  

Having this scenario in mind, VoiceInteraction built a diverse balanced mix of features considering the Broadcasters and Media Companies’ needs.

Our Media Monitoring System is based on three foundations: 

  1. 24/7 content recording in different inputs formats as RF, SDI, Streaming, amongst others;
  2. Speech processing directed to journalistic materials transcriptions, broadcast music detection, commercial detection and legal Compliance;
  3. Leverages research and ratings data, content exportation within different resolutions allowing cross-platform workflows. 

When we put all this together and combine our expertise and consolidation on the field with our constant investment in innovation, our relationships with our clients and partners have been strengthened as our market adoption continues to grow! There’s no doubt that when it comes to world leading speech processing companies, VoiceInteraction stays on top and we strongly affirm we are a partner to keep when it comes to business transformation. Our clients trust us to guide them because we give them the security they need to risk and evolve as an organization! 

Having this said, this year’s expectation for the IBC Show is to offer a wide selection of technological solutions easy to integrate and prepared to be and ally on every Broadcaster’s stations. VoiceInteraction believes having its own speech processing technology was essential to bring a solid and valued portfolio. 

VoiceInteraction, creating knowledge from speech.