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Stormplus unveiled at BVE

Stormplus is designed to solve the issue of regionalising TV content in a cost effective fashion.

Amagi, global provider of targeted TV content and advertising and the largest TV ad platform in India, unveiled Stormplus, its advanced Satellite + Cloud Receiver-Decoder (IRD), at BVE.

Stormplus is designed to solve the issue of regionalising TV content in a cost effective fashion. It allows broadcasters to have one satellite feed per region with customisation on the edge of the delivery network to create multiple regionalised services, rather than multiple satellite feeds providing a single channel each.

Baskar Subramannian, one of the co-founders of the company, stated: “Stormplus typically replaces multiple satellite feeds with a single satellite feed per region. Using either satellite or the cloud at the edge to deliver local content gives broadcasters the flexibility to use whatever suits or is available.”

The Stormplus IRDs work as satellite receivers enhanced with support for local content and ad insertion. They are capable of content store, trigger detection, HD video insertion, multiple audio tracks including Dolby surround, subtitles and multi-layer animated graphics. Unlike most ad-insertion systems, these IRDs give TV networks complete access and control on insertion of local content and advertisements. Stormplus also has a robust cloud UI management platform enabling TV networks to schedule, control and monitor playout of local content and ads at remote headends.

Amagi is a pioneer in content regionalisation and geo-targeting advertisements on satellite TV feeds. The company has developed innovative and proprietary content watermark technology for automatic detection of triggers and content replacement, which came about from the business’ history in providing targeted advertising.

Subramannian added: “We are seeing lots of excitement about Stormplus from both large and small networks. There is a trend in Europe for localisation of services, so this product is very relevant from an ROI perspective.”