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Simplylive shows off live production portfolio

Simplylive will present their full product range at this year’s IBC Show in a few weeks time.

The ViBox production system will be front and centre with the full range of expanded configurations, including the ViBox16 with three users with up to 12 camera mode and the ViBox8 with two users. The ViBox production systems will include the new features of video effects and I/O flexibility with NDI, RTMP or UDP options. Further enhancements are the possibility of custom video layer definition, the newly added Yamaha mixer integration and Dante support.

The ViBox all-in-one system’s touch UI interface allows video switching, audio mixing, NDI graphics insertions, replays and highlights with a minimal footprint and small production team.

ViBox SloMo Server

The ViBox concept has been expanded to offer the next evolution of replay solutions to the market with the ViBox SloMo. The ViBox6 and ViBox8 SloMo will focus on the essential aspects of replay requirements while simplifying the learning curve for existing and new users to quickly master the ViBox UI. For users that prefer the physical control aspect for replay, the ViBox SloMo will introduce a new slow-motion controller with T-bar. The ViBox SloMo servers will also feature networking capability over 10G backbone to allow content to be shared across the networked systems.

Mini – The Ultimate Portable Solution

The new Mini offers maximum flexibility with a highly portable and affordable solution for mobile productions, efficient studio configurations or turn-around control room applications. The compact ViBox Mini provides a backpack style solution with 4 or 8 channel options in SDI or streaming I/O configurations. The configuration options will include super motion camera recording and the dedicated slow-motion controller.

Ref&Box – Referee/Official Review System

The Ref&Box makes synchronous control efficient with easy selection of angles, pinch and zoom functions, slow-motion replays, clipping and offline reviewing. With its products Ref&Box4-Mini, Ref&Box8-Mini, Ref&Box8 and Ref&Box16 Simplylive offers the most complete range of solutions for review. All Ref&Box products follow IFAB requirements for the VAR implementation.

BMR and MMR USB and Streaming Recorders

The MMR USB recorder and live streaming systems will be on display with the MMR-110 single SDI input, now available with 1080p input option, and the MMR-410 quad SDI input models. The BMR master recording application will also be available for demonstration with options for 8 and 16 channel ingest as well as 4K capability.