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SGL plans full archive demos at NAB

Among SGL's display at NAB is its FlashNet content management solution designed to integrate with MAM or automation control systems to improve workflow efficiency.

Among SGL’s display at NAB is its FlashNet content management solution designed to integrate with MAM or automation control systems to provide significant improvements to workflow efficiency without intruding on the users’ familiar desktop. SGL’s Open System Architecture provides broadcasters, post production facilities, and news/sport organisations with reliable, scalable solutions with substantial cost and workflow benefits.

At NAB 2015 SGL will unveil:

Full archive demonstration via GV STRATUS MAM: SGL will demonstrate a full archive using GV STRATUS, hosted by a Grass Valley presenter. A highly intuitive solution, GV STRATUS includes full search, archive and restore integrated directly with FlashNet. The presentation will include FlashNet’s control of job queues directly from GV STRATUS.

Asset Migration Service launch: The migration of tape assets from one platform to another, or from one generation to another, is a costly and time-consuming process. The FlashNet Migration Service enables a whole migration to be set up as a single background task that optimises the use of available archiving equipment and speeds up processes, reducing migration times by half.

Partial file restore via Avid Web Services: SGL’s integration with Avid Web Services now includes partial file restore capability. While the fully implemented Avid Interplay Archive provides a seamless user experience, smaller work groups may require a paired down version. SGL’s support for Avid Web Services means that customers can use the archive capabilities that they currently require, but can employ Avid Integrated Archive at any time in the future without the need to re-archive any content.

Also highlighting:

Integration with Aspera for cloud-based archive: The new version of FlashNet, which will be launched at NAB 2015, brings to fruition SGL’s new integration with Aspera. Using FlashNet, broadcasters and content owners can transfer media to the cloud at a guaranteed speed providing an additional means of storage and disaster recovery workflows.

Partial file restore of QuickTime files: This demonstration will highlight partial file restore of QuickTime files directly from tape.

Full archive demonstration via Avid Interplay PAM: SGL will show a full archive demonstration via Avid’s Interplay PAM system.

Support for LTFS: Material can be acquired directly to disk and then dragged and dropped to data tape and transported back to a facility, removing the need to re-ingest content to the archive and enabling large amounts of data to be transported and archived on a single LTO tape.

New version of FlashWeb: The latest version of FlashWeb includes enhanced search capabilities and simplified navigation allowing broadcasters and content owners to easily archive and restore material to any configured FlashNet disk or tape group. This can be achieved without the need for a controlling MAM or automation system.

Enhanced API with support for REST via new SGL web service: SGL will highlight the latest version of its FlashNet API, which supports REST, via its new web service. This will further simplify FlashNet integration for partners and is the beginning of key new developments that will be revealed later in the year.