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Primestream introduces high-density ingest and playout

Primestream will show FORK v5.0, the latest version of its cross platform software suite for asset management and automation.

Primestream will show FORK v5.0 (pictured), the latest version of its cross platform software suite for asset management and automation.

This release includes updates to both FORK Production Suite and Playout, plus advancements with mXF and 4K workflows. FORK v5.0 also includes new two-way integrations with non-linear editors like Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer, and Apple Final Cut Pro X. The integration supports edit-while-capture workflows with XDCAM, ProRes and AVC-Intra – empowering sports, news, entertainment, and corporate video operations to use industry-leading NLEs – while gaining the benefits of the FORK I/O, logging, tagging, proxy editing, workflow management, and archiving.

“Primestream’s FORK 5.0 continues our commitment to interoperability with enhanced support for craft editor workflows, third party integrations, additional codec support, new scripting commands, device control and refinements to our logger,” said Claudio Lisman, Primestream president and CEO. “Our ingest and playout port density has increased over the last year and on the FORK Playout side we will be showing 4K MXF which is the first payoff from a long term development effort on our media pipeline that will provide the feature and performance for the future of our customers.”

Primestream will also demonstrate Xchange Suite v4.0, a major upgrade to the application that gives broadcasters and video professionals instant web access to content on their FORK Production servers from any PC or tablet device. Xchange v4.0 also brings the ability to download and import content, metadata and markers from Xchange into Non-Linear Editors such as Apple Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

“On the Xchange front, success continues with new deployments and version 4.0, which brings important new features and functionality for commenting, rating and tracking activity, as well as remote craft edit workflows with the major NLEs,” added Lisman.