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PlayBox focuses on server and cloud-based playout systems

PlayBox Technology will celebrate its 18th anniversary and over 18,000 branding and playout channel installations at IBC 2018 in Amsterdam.

The central theme of the company’s exhibit will be the latest versions of the server-based Neo and cloud-based CloudAir playout systems and the ease with which these can be combined into a single system.

“2018 is a true landmark year not just for us but for the broadcast industry in its entirety,” said PlayBox Technology CEO Pavlin Rahnev. “Having embraced the cloud as a ‘catchup’ transmission medium supporting their terrestrial and satellite channels, broadcasters are increasingly exploring the potential of online streaming. This creates the freedom to produce tightly themed channels which are becoming highly attractive to advertisers.

“Our flagship AirBox Neo broadcast playout server is fully transmission agnostic, giving operators the option of reaching their audiences via terrestrial, satellite, cable or IP networks, in SD, HD, UHD or indeed all three resolutions,” Rahnev added. “They offer a high degree of flexibility in the way broadcasters choose to work. An AirBox Neo system can be located in the channel’s onsite apparatus room or controlled via a standard desktop computer, even a laptop, linked to a remotely located service provider. Structurally, AirBox Neo can be configured from a wide range of modules to match any desired workflow.”

Rahnev continued: “CloudAir extends the remote-access model by opening up a whole spectrum of subscription-based channel management opportunities including fast-startup of new channels and potentially limitless remote archiving. CloudAir also allows easy establishment and operation of disaster recovery facilities more economically and efficiently than renting and supervising an off-site suite.

“At IBC we will be demonstrating the strengths of Neo and CloudAir as standalone solutions, plus the unsurpassed versatility made possible by combining the two into a fully integrated server/cloud system. Individually or together, they are very easy to operate. Programmes, commercials and promotional interstitials can be uploaded and scheduled for fully automated playout while retaining the freedom to insert live content after any currently-playing item. On top of that, AirBox Neo solutions are scalable for any size of customer operation, from a single playout server to a multi channel turnkey broadcast centre.”