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Metus INGEST extends HDMI support with DELTACAST

Metus has announced the support of its media workflow system with DELTA-h4k-elp 20 capture card.

Metus INGEST is a multi-channel recording solution for use in multi-camera, multi-source environments. With the support of DELTA-h4k-elp 20, Metus INGEST users can capture two channels of video from independent HDMI sources. With the growing popularity of HDMI-based cameras, video players and switchers, this dual input solution is a great option for professional environments.

“This integration adds dual channel HDMI input functionality to INGEST. Metus INGEST has long supported multi-channel SDI capture; this new announcement greatly expands the appeal of the software to a number of key markets including AV and medical,” said Mustafa Yilmaz, managing director of Metus.

Metus INGEST is a professional live capture and transcode application that is used in more than 70 countries worldwide. Metus INGEST supports capturing and transcoding to professional file formats used by production companies, broadcasters and internet media.

It’s used in broadcast studios, mission critical archive operations, control rooms, media monitoring centers, research laboratories and military test sites worldwide. Metus INGEST is proven to be stable under continuous operation even in 24/7 environments.

DELTA-h4k-elp 20 is a dual channel HDMI capture card. High-end HDMI capture card hosting two inputs with support for many formats and interfaces, including HDMI 2.0 with support for 2K, 4K and UHD resolutions at up to 60Hz. Thanks to an advanced EDID management with custom content support, the DELTA-h4k-elp 20 seamlessly brings virtually any HDMI signals into your media server. With an impressive performance vs power consumption ratio and a very a compact form factor and yet passive cooling, this card is the ideal solution for many applications where the reliability is not an option.