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Get. Make. Share: Celebrating an exceptional summer of live broadcasting

TVU Networks' CEO Paul Shen looks back over a busy summer for the broadcast industry

It’s been a long hot summer for the broadcasting industry. As temperatures reached as high as 50C in some regions, broadcasters across the world excelled in the coverage of stimulating and community-building events, from global sports tournaments through to national festivals and royal weddings.

Rapidly developing advances in live media acquisition are to thank for this. Live IP video solutions now allow operators to capture professional live footage with the highest video quality from virtually anywhere over any network. Take for example, the world’s largest football tournament which took place in twelve cities across Russia. Here, hundreds of TVU Networks equipment enabled broadcasters to deliver high quality pictures of the action both in and out of the stadiums. Solutions hired included the TVU One, a portable solution which incorporates Inverse StatMux Plus. Inverse StatMux Plus combats network instability through intelligently monitoring each network connection in real-time, making corrections and adjustments as network conditions change.

Another event which engaged millions of viewers was the Royal Wedding 2018. French Télévisions had its own share of the glory, choosing to take an innovative approach and deliver London-based crowd reactions live using a taxi and motorbike. Small but powerful TVU One and TVU Network’s ultra-compact router TVU Nano, gave French Télévisions the versatility to achieve live video contribution without having to compromise on performance, features or picture quality.

Now let’s take a trip to sizzling Spain where Catalonian cultural event, Castellers, is filmed every weekend between April and September. Castellers are human towers which reach up to ten stories. Declared a masterpiece of human heritage by UNESCO, news broadcasters across Spain were keen to live broadcast the series.

On the 24th June, Canal Blau cameramen captured footage as RAW HD video using a TVU One mobile unit. No wires or heavy equipment were necessary and the cameramen could rely on TVU One to transmit at >9 Mbps with sub second delay.

Our stand at IBC will showcase our expanded Live Media Acquistion product portfolio including many of these remote production solutions that greatly minimize complexity and cost for live event coverage. We will also have AI-boosted live video solutions on show, the next step change for live IP video solutions, which we expect to be deployed by many of our customers to live broadcast next year’s biggest TV programmes.

Make sure to come and see us!