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Free Pro Tools offers entry to music market

Pro Tools | First, a free version of the Pro Tools digital audio workstation (DAW), has been released.

Pro Tools | First, a free version of the Pro Tools digital audio workstation (DAW), has been released, offering many of the same music creation capabilities used by top artists and recording studios worldwide.

The company has also announced Avid Marketplace, which allows Pro Tools users to engage in a community of artists, acquire new plug-ins and apps as they need them, and easily store and share their work on a global platform.

With Pro Tools | First, Avid said artists can quickly turn ideas into professional-sounding songs by recording, using software instruments, and applying audio effects. It allows users to record up to 16 audio tracks, use loop recording to capture multiple takes, choose from a selection of session templates and create musical parts with virtual instruments (VIs).

Pro Tools | First saves and manages sessions securely in the cloud, enabled by the Avid MediaCentral Platform. This allows users to log into an Avid account and access and work on music from any Mac or PC with Pro Tools | First installed. Anytime changes are made, the project syncs with the cloud as soon as it’s saved. As a special introductory offer, artists can work on and store up to three Pro Tools | First projects in the cloud for free.

The integrated Avid App Store in Pro Tools | First provides AAX plug-ins and ‘First’ bundles on the Avid Marketplace.
The Avid Content Marketplace provides a new channel for artists to monetise their work by sharing it with a wide network of potential purchasers – with all licensing and rights agreements worked out through automatic templates. With the Artist Community of Avid Marketplace, any media professional and organisation can search for the skills and specialties they need on a project, and start a working relationship.

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