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ETL Systems launches StingRay DWDM solution at IBC

RF signal distribution equipment manufacturer will launch its new StingRay DWDM at IBC2018.

The solution enables distribution between a satellite antenna and a remote control room. Using DWDM technology, multiple signals can be transmitted and received over distances of up to 100s of kilometers through a single fibre cable. It also offers the potential to deliver redundancy by adding an additional fibre connection.

The StingRay DWDM is able to maintain a much finer optical spectrum, enabling it to distribute up to 40 channels through one single fibre cable. It is able to cover much larger distances before suffering any signal loss. The addition of pre-amp and post-amp Erbium Doped Fibre Amplifiers from ETL Systems further reduces the effects of any potential optical signal loss.

Ian Hilditch, CEO, ETL Systems, commented: “Satellite is under increasing pressure to deliver high performance and quality in all environments. This is mainly fuelled by growing competition for many of its customer base, covering a range of applications, and all vying to deliver multiple services across disperse locations. Both CWDM and DWDM represent great potential for the satellite industry to deliver RF signals much more cost-efficiently and over large distances.”

ETL Systems will also demonstrate its existing StingRay CWDM (Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing) solution, which combines eight optical signals on a single fibre by using different wavelengths. Other products on display include its Griffin Redundancy Switch, which provides signal redundancy for satellite modulators, downconverters, or modems, and its Hurricane Matrix, which provides L-band routing for up to 64 input and output feeds.