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DPP-compliance tool in upgrade boost

The latest version of Vidchecker, version 6.2, will be on show at BVE 2015.

The latest version of Vidchecker, version 6.2, will be on show at BVE 2015.

Vidchecker automates the correction of video levels to broadcast specification, and corrects audio levels – including loudness – to meet the EBU R128 standard.

Vidcheck claimed its automatic quality control (AQC) software has recently seen greatly increased adoption, quoting an independent survey that reported that 98% of UK post production companies use Vidchecker. This was due, said the company, to the introduction of the Digital Production Partnership (DPP) requirement that all new content delivered to major UK broadcasters must now be file-based and conform to the DPP’s specified file format.

The company said its software enables media files to be automatically checked for conformance to established DPP requirements. It automatically takes advantage of multi-core and multi-thread processors to process multiple files simultaneously.

Vidchecker 6.2 includes test template updates to DPP spec V4.3, released December 2014, and additional DPP-required AS-11 MXF file structural tests. Photo Sensitive Epilepsy (PSE) flashing and pattern testing has also been updated. A PSE certificate is now available as part of the Vidchecker-generated report. The report file names are also now fully customisable as well as the report formats.
User interface improvements to Vidchecker 6.2 include the user ability to add notes and changes to individual alerts raised in the test results and reports. All changes are recorded in the QC audit trail.
Vidcheck customers with a current maintenance agreement will automatically receive the new version.

Thomas Dove, Vidcheck CEO, said: “We are delighted with our success in the UK. With so many companies using Vidchecker for QC of their media files and DPP testing, it is by far the most widely used AQC tool in the UK.”

BVE stand: R16