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Boxing clever

Set-top box (STB) platform provider ABOX42 has unveiled two new platforms designed to help operators address diverse challenges in the market.

The company’s new managed Android STB, ABOX42 OPA (operator Android), is targeted primarily at operators that want to bring Android into a secure, managed environment to avoid risking their business model and revenue streams.

ABOX42 CEO Matthias Greve said the Android STB is primarily targeted at operators in the Asian market, where they are “really feeling the pain” of unsecured Android STBs that currently exist in the market.

Greve said such Android STBs are mostly designed for the fast-moving customer retail market and are not well suited for the security and life cycle needs of professional operators, where the STB is the solid foundation for a managed TV service.

Also at IBC, ABOX42 launched a STB platform that is designed for more advanced operator projects worldwide as it supports 4K resolution and HEVC decoding. The M40-Series SmartSTB is based on Broadcom’s latest UHD high-performance 10,000 DMIPS system-on-a-chip BCM7251S.

“The M40-series is the most powerful SmartSTB we ever built and it can be quickly integrated into existing environments,” said Greve. “An operator can now mix different hardware models and generations in one service offering due to the compatibility of the device, which we provide via our unique SmartSDK.”, 14.J13