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ATEME unveils video optimisation tools

ATEME will be demonstrating its latest innovations for optimising video delivery on any screen at IBC2018.

The company will show off its improvements to video quality across all codecs: MPEG-2, H.264, HEVC and in AV1, the royalty-free codec, all part of the already-in-production TITAN video solution.

ATEME will be showcasing how its Content Adaptive Streaming algorithm using machine learning can be applied to video quality and bandwidth savings – without any operational impact – in both offline and live workflows. Next gen consumer experiences will also be a key focus, featuring a cross section of the various HDR, HFR, and state of the art audio technologies out there.

The company will show its low latency, high density encoders and decoders, supporting all codecs, with any I/O: IP, ASI, SDI, baseband over IP, as well as demonstrating its new scheduler tailored to manage 100’s of IRDs receiving live content protected by BISS-CA, the EBU’s royalty-free, open standard solution for encryption.

Finally, ATEME continues to expand its TITAN micro-services by including a unique workflow distributed processing and origin server, enabling Just-In-Time-Packaging/Transcoding (JITP/JITT).