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Ark Learning launches new cloud service for knowledge management

Ark Learning, the knowledge management company, has launched its revolutionary platform for the broadcast technology sector.

Ark Learning, the knowledge management company, has launched its revolutionary platform for the broadcast technology sector. Combining the functionality of a Learning Management System (LMS) with an analytics enabled knowledge repository, Ark CORE can service a customer’s multiple needs around product development, learning and technical customer support.

Andrew Brearley (pictured), Ark’s MD explained: “The customer’s environment isn’t neatly divided into separate business divisions with clear channels of communication. Many customers exist in a world of silos where sharing information is a continual challenge. The issue is that traditional training platforms are not a good way to share knowledge, and databases (masquerading as knowledge management systems) are not a good way to deliver training, support or have the functionality to output valuable use analytics. By developing a hybrid that combines the best attributes of both we have created an incredibly powerful system that allows our customers to address multiple challenges within their organisation and derive real, measurable business improvements.”

Ark CORE is a cloud-delivered software platform allowing customers to roll it out easily across geographically dispersed locations while at the same time controlling costs. Ark CORE was developed in conjunction with Vidispine, the software company best known for its Vidispine MAM middleware product.

Brearley continued: “We looked at a couple of the training industry’s standard Learning Management System (LMS) platforms, but they either couldn’t support the type of complex media assets we will manage, couldn’t support the type of in-depth analytics processes we offer or they could not fit our business model. Vidispine is already a world leader in the MAM arena and working with them we have developed a range of custom modules that fit our specific needs.”

Erik Åhlin, Vidispine MD, added: “We are very excited to be working with Ark as we believe they have exactly the right model to fix the problems of knowledge management, training and support in the broadcast market.”

Ark CORE is designed to improve the internal business processes within organisations on several levels.

Kevin O’Meara, Ark’s sales director, commented: “Ark CORE is a tool, depending on how you deploy it there are various applications that could include training, technical resource management, examinations etc. But, the real benefits are when customers utilise it as part of their support and maintenance service for their customers. By offering them access to the product information contained in the knowledge repository as part of a support and maintenance agreement, making training, technical information, specific support information available and having a clear communications channel, both suppliers and customers benefit from a vastly improved service. This is what we mean by “breaking the cycle” of poor training and support and maintenance shortfalls.”