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Aframe advances cloud-based video collaboration

Aframe has revealed that the next generation of its cloud-based video collaboration platform will be available at NAB 2015.

Aframe has revealed that the next generation of its cloud-based video collaboration platform will be available at NAB 2015. With new features that streamline review, expand search, simplify the user experience and extend format support, the spring 2015 release enables more efficient, accessible, cost effective management of video and production assets.

Aframe enables broadcasters, producers and teams to upload, transcode and store video footage, organise content and collaborate across locations and time zones at every stage of the production lifecycle. At NAB, Aframe will be showcasing key features of its new release, including:

Global search – finding media assets is now even easier with our overhauled search and filtering capabilities. Search results are returned from the organisation’s entire account – across projects, across data locations and all asset types. Your media becomes visible, accessible and usable wherever in the world it resides.

New approvals module – Streamline the feedback loop for in-progress projects by sending a secure, password-protected link to selected reviewers for simple media previews. Once reviewers have seen the content, they can choose to approve or reject the content and provide feedback. Aframe now provides a full set of review tools needed to see, access, and share media quickly as well as to request, capture and act on feedback.

Extended format handling – With support for Sony’s XAVC-S standard in addition to native XAVC 4K file handling, Aframe provides the widest array of supported pro video formats of any cloud video platform. The new release also incorporates preview for production assets such as WAV, AIFF, JPEG, and TIFF and flexible storage and management options for project files, so teams can easily build collections including video, graphics, audio and project files.

Organisations – Enterprises can now provision seats and storage for internal clients with a new multi-tier account hierarchy feature. Bring together different groups within the organisation, manage them simply, and maximise content value in new ways.

Simplified user experience – A new list view option on the footage page gives managers greater flexibility and ease of use when handling administrative tasks.

“This release is all about increased accessibility, visibility and usability,” said David Peto, Aframe founder and CEO. “Everything we do is focused on helping teams manage the complexities of the video workflow – finding, sharing, and reviewing media faster and more cost effectively, wherever they are.”