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Adder helps achieve highest environmental efficiency

KVN specialist Adder Technology has supplied its IP-based solutions to VIRTUS Data Centres.

Through system integrator LMG, Adder provided its AdderLink Infinity KVM Matrix for use in the monitoring facilities of VIRTUS’ latest data centre in London.

VIRTUS, a cloud and colocation provider achieved a power usage effectiveness (PUE) level of just 1.2 in this data centre — the average PUE globally is 1.7 according to the Uptime Institute — by refining each element of the design.

The design included a concentration of monitoring facilities, featuring KVM solutions to ensure all the monitoring systems are available to users at two locations in the data centre’s management office and also in the security facility. Users in each location are capable of viewing and controlling any of the systems in the building, with appropriate safeguards and user privileges.

The AdderLink Infinity ensures that high definition video is transmitted for the CCTV system at low latency, with fast switching capabilities. The solution enables the user to switch between any workstation on any of the networked systems.

According to Simon Anderson, construction director, VIRTUS: “Being able to view all the systems at one workstation allows us to function more effectively.

“AdderLink Infinity frees up valuable time and space for engineers to carry out their daily tasks. Now we only need one person and one computer to monitor the systems, whereas traditionally, all systems have their own PC interface which required multiple workstations and operators.”