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Digigram celebrates 30 years

Celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, Digigram will showcase significant product enhancements and new product releases for the company's IP audio and IP video solutions.

Celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, Digigram will showcase significant product enhancements and new product releases for the company’s IP audio and IP video solutions.

In extending RAVENNA/AES67 support across its range of IP audio codecs and sound cards, Digigram offers high-performing audio transport solutions that enable a seamless shift toward use of IP-based studio infrastructure.

Digigram will demonstrate its cloud-based application engineered to simplify the management and operation of a fleet of IP audio codecs. Digigram will also highlight IP video solutions that meet customer demand for higher-density encoding and packaging of streams for delivery to multiple CDNs and, ultimately, the broad array of viewing devices used today. To showcase the benefits of the emerging HEVC video compression standard, the company will demonstrate a new compact HEVC contribution encoder.

Among the products on show, Digigram will present the full release of the company’s new IQOYA *CLOUD. The web-based application, which can be hosted privately on any virtual machine or operated as SaaS in the cloud, enables structured management and seamless operation of all deployed audio-over-IP (AoIP) remote live contribution codecs. Accessible from anywhere through the web browsers of internet-connected devices such as PCs, tablets, and smartphones, the application automatically synchronises phone books, connection profiles, and ‘favourite’ groups of codecs to dramatically simplify deployment and day-to-day operation of the full codec fleet. The release of the IQOYA *CLOUD is the first step in Digigram’s larger rollout of cloud-based AoIP solutions.

In addition, Digigram will showcase the new AQORD *LINK/LE codec (pictured) for simple, cost-effective transport of high-quality video over IP networks (fibre, xDSL, satellite). Designed for video contribution in broadcast, live event, and live distribution applications, this latest addition to the AQORD family allows users to begin streaming almost immediately.

Throughout NAB, the company will demonstrate the enhanced encoding capabilities of the company’s AQILIM *SERV/FIT IP video codec, including the ability to encode multiple streams at multiple resolutions simultaneously. With this single solution, users can quickly, easily, and cost-effectively publish content in multiple containers to multiple content delivery networks (CDNs) at once.

“At the 2015 NAB Show, we will demonstrate products engineered to simplify and accelerate the broadcast industry’s move toward IP-based media transport and cloud-based applications. The benefits of making this transition are enormous, and we’re continually refining our IP audio and IP video solutions to help broadcasters move forward in realising these benefits,” commented Philippe Delacroix, president and CEO at Digigram.