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WIREWAX launches full-scale automated video asset management technology

Delivers automated video asset analysis, processing, cataloguing and fixing at scale

Interactive video technology company WIREWAX has announced the launch of new technology that delivers automated video asset analysis, processing, cataloguing and fixing at scale.

WIREWAX Media Services is built on the company’s proprietary computer vision and machine learning algorithms.

According to the company, the new suite of tools “revitalises hefty manual processes that would otherwise take months to deliver, annihilating any chance of competitive relevancy for companies being weighed down by archaic processes.”

The suite is equipped with deduplication, asset grouping, face and object recognition, segmentation, fingerprinting, speech recognition, and moderation.

“Across the media and entertainment industry, large businesses are plagued with lack of metadata, no understanding of content, zero monetisation capabilities, and gigantic and disorganised archives,” said WIREWAX CEO Steve Callanan. 

“Furthermore, the industry has long struggled with expensive asset management, overpriced syndication and VoD preparation, and notoriously slow and extortionate manual services. With the streaming wars waging in parallel, this presents a perfect storm in which the big companies in the space are struggling to keep pace.”