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Video: Preparing your media business for migration

TVBEurope talks to Telestream's Savva Mueller about the benefits of content management solutions, the trends we are seeing in the archive space, and how media companies can best prepare to migrate their storage systems to the cloud

As part of TVBEurope‘s Tech Insights video series, we spoke to Savva Mueller, director, business development at Telestream, about the challenges and opportunities facing media companies as they consider migrating their storage capabilities either partly or fully to the cloud.



Mueller begins by introducing us to an evolved Telestream business following a raft of recent acquisitions which included the purchase of Masstech back in March, which brought Mueller as well as a new pedigree in storage expertise into the Telestream stable.

In the video, Mueller explains some of the customer benefits of content management solutions, the broader trends in the archive space, and the main challenges and opportunities facing media businesses as they consider a migration.

Topics include:

  • What organisations can do to best prepare for a migration;
  • The key questions they should consider
  • How to speed up a migration process
  • The best way to balance on-premise and cloud storage
  • Reasons that customers might want to opt for on-premise storage versus cloud storage
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