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TVU Networks launches infrastructure-free, 24/7 channel solution

TVU Channel infrastructure-free solution provides a cloud-based set up for easily launching live or VOD 24/7 commercial channels with SCTE ad insertion support and monitoring

TVU Networks has introduced a new infrastructure-free, 24/7 channel solution, the TVU Channel, that allows the user to schedule live and VoD programming from a simple web browser.

The cloud-based solution can be used for playout via a traditional television channel, an OTT channel, a pop-up channel or distribution directly to social media – all at the same time and all without any added infrastructure, the company said.

TVU describes TVU Channel as a product that makes building and managing channels as easy to learn as an online calendar. It also stressed that a wide range of organisations can use it to produce specialised channels.

The platform provides extensive support for ad insertion, including scheduled breaks, manual breaks and full SCTE passthrough.