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Prime Focus Technologies secures another AI patent, CTV puts Phabrix in golf OB vans, and more

TVBEurope rounds up the latest products and solutions news from Prime Focus Technologies, CTV, Phabrix and MediaKind

Prime Focus Technologies has been awarded another patent by the United States for its Machine Wisdom AI technology (U.S. Patent No. 10,783,375).

PFT describes the tech as the “secret sauce” of its media recognition AI platform, CLEAR Vision Cloud. The patent works on the premise of differentiating Machine Wisdom from Machine Intelligence.

According to the company, it provides a system for grouping independent machine learned artificial intelligence to generate collective “machine wisdom.” This helps obtain higher accuracy in identifying tags, objects, and actions in a video.

The proposed solution interacts with multiple AI systems that identify various facets of the content. For example, AI machine ‘A’ can detect faces, actions, and brands from a video. Another AI machine ‘B’ can identify products, objects, and on-screen text. The third AI machine, ‘C’ can identify faces with lower accuracy than machine A, but can also identify transcripts of the spoken dialogues.

“AI and ML technologies from different vendors are consistently getting better in detecting various aspects of the video content,” said Adrish Bera, senior VP – AI/ML Products, Prime Focus Technologies. “But a single solution is unable to address with 100 per cent accuracy every aspect of the discovery like faces, objects, speech, texts, logos, keywords and more. Also, without a context, the AI-generated data is meaningless. That’s where CLEAR Vision Cloud’s pioneering Machine Wisdom technology makes a big difference in generating data that’s near 100 per cent accurate and actionable.”

CTV selects Phabrix’s QX and SX for new ST2110 OB truck

Outside broadcast company CTV has selected Phabrix’s Qx advanced rasteriser for its new OB12 32 camera truck which is currently being used on The European Golf Tour.

The Qx system is installed in the OB12 data centre for ST 2110, PTP and network measurements, and can be accessed from any area of the company’s three IP connected trucks using a KVM system. NMOS enables the broadcast controller, Cerebrum, to quickly route any video, audio or ancillary flow to the device for immediate analysis.

“The test and measurement solution we were looking for had to be suitable for all stages of IP development, with POC testing, the feature set required to integrate a real system, and it had to be easy to use for daily operations of the tour. We were also looking for a manufacturer with a strong development roadmap and good customer support,” said Richard Morton, head of projects, CTV. “Phabrix was one of the first manufacturers to produce a useful and working instrument – Qx – with all the required functions, such as PTP vs video reference alignment. The Sx TAG portable unit is also very convenient and feature-rich in both IP and SDI.”

MediaKind launches CE mini

After launching of its new next-gen media contribution encoder CE1 a couple of weeks ago, MediaKind has now announced mini encoder for high-performance encoding of live sports.

CE Mini provides video contribution using HEVC or MPEG-4 AVC video compression. It facilitates the delivery of content over managed IP networks or via the open internet, it also adds supports for encoding HD content, and can deliver over managed networks using Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) and Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP).

It can connect to a camera via an in-built SDI and HDMI input interface and generates an IP encapsulated MPEG transport stream output with SRT error correction and security or an RTMP output.

Both the CE1 and CE Mini integrate with MediaKind’s Cloud-based and SaaS streaming solutions, including Aquila Streaming.