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Poll: AI-based encoding will be most dominant codec in next five years

Findings revealed from our 5G networks and the new coding standards webinar

A poll by TVBEurope and InterDigital has revealed that AI-based encoding is expected to become the most dominant codec in the media industry in the next five years.

As part of our webinar looking at 5G networks and the new coding standards, we asked the audience to vote on which codec would gain dominance.

The poll offered four options: VVC, AV1, H.265 and AI-based encoding.

An overwhelming 56 per cent of respondents voted for AI-based encoding. H.265 received 33 per cent of the votes cast, while VVC gained 11 per cent. AV1 received no votes.

The webinar featured an expert panel discussing a number of topics, including 5G network slicing, the impact the edge will have on video delivery, 5G and the metaverse, and the development of 6G.

The full webinar is available to watch on-demand here.