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New global platform aims to bring content licensing into the digital age

ContentBay uses emerging technologies to support the "pain points" of the international distribution community

A new entertainment platform which allows users to explore, analyse, compare, share, and trade content, simply and securely, has launched worldwide.

ContentBay aims to change the content distribution, marketing, and media buying landscape by providing a way for users to make analytical and insight-led decisions when programming content.

It uses emerging technologies to support the “pain points” of the international distribution community, and wants to put the tools used by big tech entertainment brands in the hands of the rest of the industry.

The platform’s technology allows users to search for movies, series, channels, platforms, producers, and cast from the global database with over one million titles. Results can be filtered with over 1 billion editorial, contextual and commercial datapoints.

Oliver Skelton, previously of NBC Universal Media, MTV Networks Europe and Viacom International, is ContentBay’s CEO and co-founder. Speaking about the launch, he said: “The content industry has evolved at lightning rate, particularly over the last 10 years, characterised by the emergence of powerful technology platforms whose drive for growth had turned the traditional content marketplace on its head.

“By harnessing the power of state-of-the-art research and analytics capabilities, ContentBay is going to digitise the content licensing industry by allowing you to search, analyse and trade content in a seamless way. We want to be the world’s number one online content marketplace where content distributors and platform owners coexist and trade licences, in a content democracy.”