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ITV switches to AI-based segmentation with PFT cloud solution

Changes manual process from 15-20 minutes to 3 minutes automatically

ITV has selected CLEAR Vision Cloud from Prime Focus Technologies (PFT) for delivering AI-based automatic segmentation of long-form content.

ITV currently marks 12 types of segments in its content manually, as both physical segments (colour bars, blacks and slates) and creative segments (recaps, PRTS, credits and bumpers). 

The company is switching to AI/ML technology to mark the segments at 95-100 per cent accuracy, followed by human QC. The entire process will take 3 minutes instead of the current 15-20 minutes.

CLEAR Vision Cloud is an AI/ML-powered native media recognition engine that ensures near 100 per cent accuracy and frame accuracy, as well as 100 per cent automation of workflows to extract the content segments.

With the segmentation toolkit, M&E organisations can review and QC automatically identified segments, filter out content segments and export EDLs, and generate a video of the custom segment, stripping out the rest of the physical segments, said PFT.

In addition, CLEAR Vision Cloud is hosted on the cloud, allowing it to auto-scale on demand and handle elastic loads at minimal costs while consistently ensuring high performance.

“I am very impressed with CLEAR Vision Cloud and PFT’s approach to making AI work for us,” said Sonny Hanley, ITV controller of content services. “PFT understands that each media enterprise is unique both in terms of business objectives and nature of content, and hence the AI solution cannot have a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Their AI experts worked with our teams to understand the challenges and deliver a solution that truly meets the efficiency goals we had envisaged when we commissioned this project.”