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Building intelligence and agility into video storage management

Telestream's latest ebook details the benefits of non-disruptive migration services

For the broadcast industry, one of the most significant outcomes of the pandemic was a streaming boom – a trend already underway that accelerated under worldwide lockdowns, underpinned by well-timed launches of new OTT services. Disney+, HBO Max and Peacock were among the streaming platforms that launched under lockdown, helping the OTT market grow by 55 per cent in the last year (according to The Business Research Company).

With this industry expansion comes a surge in competition, traffic and assets, making it necessary for media companies to intelligently scale their infrastructure in a way that is agile and cost-effective. Telestream Content Management solutions, DIVA and Kumulate, provide the tools for efficient storage migration and extracting the maximum value from a company’s assets. Telestream’s new ebook, What Lies Beneath: Building Intelligence And Agility Into Video Storage Management, details the benefits of non-disruptive migration services.

Even in the cloud, media migrations are inevitable – but their being time-consuming and labour-intensive is not. Telestream Kumulate is agnostic, automated and containerised, meaning server instances can be deactivated when not in use. This not only saves resources but also enables scalability on-demand, without having to disrupt workflows during the migration process. A company can scale up its platform when demand rises and scale down again with zero downtime.

The ebook goes on to explain the media asset enrichment that takes place during migration, leveraging machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to provide additional metadata and considerably enhance valuable assets. Whether automatically identifying faces or even the sentiment of a video, the practical possibilities of AI have grown exponentially over the last couple of years. From cast and location to object information and conversational contents, Kumulate‚Äôs attachment of deep, automated analysis to a video increases that asset’s lifespan – and by extension, improves the customer experience.