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Avid launches disaster recovery and business continuity solution

The company said that with the ability to replicate data, Avid MediaCentral | Sync subscription solution ensures productions operate seamlessly even in the event of system failure

Avid has announced the launch of MediaCentral | Sync, which it describes as a “secure back-up solution available by subscription that protects television news organisations and other production environments against unexpected storage and database loss”.

According to the company, MediaCentral | Sync enables disaster recovery and business continuity workflows by automatically replicating media and any associated metadata to a second production management system, minimising the risk of production delays by ensuring efficient and reliable data back-ups.

“Downtime is simply not an option in today’s fast-paced, always-on production environments where having access to media in a timely manner is essential for success,” said Raul Alba, director of product marketing, media and cloud, Avid. “Media organisations need confidence that, in the event of a disaster, their valuable content is safe and can be quickly restored without impacting production operations.”

MediaCentral | Sync is fully integrated with Avid NEXIS® storage and can be connected to multiple MediaCentral | Production Management systems while maintaining existing workflows.