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AJA launches NDI and HLS compatible BRIDGE LIVE v1.12

The new 1.12 software update comes with new I/O and transcode capabilities, video preview, user interface improvements, and other enhancements 

AJA Video Systems has announced the release of its new Bridge Live v1.12 software update for AJA’s multi-channel live video solution, featuring bi-directional NDI (network device interface) input, output and transcode; HLS output; video preview; and user interface updates “for more intuitive configuration”.

“Bridge Live v1.12 marks AJA’s second major software update for the device since launching the product less than a year ago and addresses key customer feature requests to streamline operations and provide greater workflow flexibility in the field,” explained Nick Rashby, president, AJA Video Systems.

“This is our first NDI-enabled product, and we couldn’t be more excited to bring the unique capabilities of Bridge Live to the huge range of NDI users around the world. Bringing bi-directional NDI I/O and HLS output to Bridge Live offers professionals broader hardware and software integration and a simpler, cost effective alternative to deploying large teams of personnel and resources at remote locations.”

The company said that bi-directional NDI support makes it easier to encode SDI inputs for NDI output to a network and/or to receive NDI for outputting SDI. The ability to also transcode IP video streams to NDI and/or transcode NDI inputs to IP video streams means that “Bridge Live can now sit at the edge of an NDI event or facility network, enabling professionals to transport outbound NDI video as a streamable format, and/or return the stream to NDI for use at a remote NDI production destination”.