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Viva Espana! Spanish government forces global streamers to air shows in local languages

Global platforms will be expected to include at least six per cent of their catalogue in Spain's three co-official languages

The Spanish government has announced the global streaming services will have to include a quota of six per cent of their content in local languages by 2023.

Netflix, HBO Max, Disney Plus and Amazon Prime have been warned they will face sanctions if they fail to provide at least six per cent of their catalogue in Spain’s co-official languages – Catalan, Galician or Basque.

The Spanish government is hoping for the new law to be approved in 2022 and come into full force in 2023.

It’s expected the new law will also require platforms to include content that has already been translated or subtitled in a regional Spanish language, but only if that is technically and financially possible.

It’s not known if the new quota will be introduced for local streaming services such as Movistar Plus or Vodafone.