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Telestream, Skyline Communications partner on cloud-based OTT ops management solution

Solution integrates Telestream's Cloud Stream Monitor service with Skyline's DataMiner network management, orchestration and operations support solution

Telestream has joined forces with Skyline Communications to develop what it calls the world’s first cloud-based OTT operations management solution.

The solution integrates Telestream’s Cloud Stream Monitor service with Skyline’s DataMiner network management, orchestration and operations support solution, in order to provide on-demand, cost-effective flexibility for validating and troubleshooting live as well as on-demand video streaming services.

It means DataMiner’s orchestration can be leveraged to automate OTT service deployment – on premises and in the cloud – and Telestream content monitoring at the same time, with the monitoring system deployable on demand, wherever needed, across over 70 global cloud locations.

DataMiner uses the Telestream cloud API to control the dynamic deployment and takedown of monitoring resources to match its ability to control end-to-end video deployments. According to Telestream, its cloud capabilities enable users to spin up stream monitoring in the cloud, on demand, under manual or automatic control from DataMiner.

“We have created a first in this integration, since no other vendor has the breadth of cloud support or feature-scope comparison provided by the Telestream cloud stream monitoring service,” said Ken Haren, director of Product Management at Telestream.

“The current DataMiner integration can schedule post-CDN monitoring as and when needed, and we’re excited about extending this to include contribution (transport stream) monitoring in the near future.”