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Sportall adds Bitmovin solutions for playback and monitoring

Bitmovin Player aims to improve Sportall's time to market when delivering streams to different iOS and Android devices

Bitmovin has announced that the streaming platform Sportall has selected its playback solutions.

Sportall, which enables VoD and live content distribution for rights holders via its technological platform, has selected the Bitmovin Player, aiming to enable users to reach a wider audience across existing devices and new platforms as they emerge.

The Bitmovin Player supports React Native, which allows developers to use one codebase across multiple platforms, said the company. The solution aims to improve Sportall’s time to market when delivering streams to different iOS and Android devices. A custom UI provides Sportall with the ability to align with required brand aesthetics and integrate with existing video workflows.

Arnaud Caron, CEO at Sportall, said, “Providing a high-quality experience for our viewers, encompassing programming, navigation, and the underlying streaming infrastructure, is at the core of every decision we make for our service. We’re currently running our service on 32 different apps, so we needed a robust player with extensive device coverage. Bitmovin’s player surpasses anything else on the market, making them the clear choice when evaluating our needs.”

Additionally, Sportall has deployed Bitmovin Analytics in order to provide real-time monitoring and analysis for each user session. The solution allows the player to identify and fix playback issues before viewers notice them, said the company.

“Bitmovin and Sportall both embrace the spirit of collaboration, and we have a shared desire to continue to push the boundaries of video streaming in the world of sports,” said Stefan Lederer, CEO and co-founder of Bitmovin.