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Premier League gains ‘Super Block’ powers against the pirates

New orders are described as "a reworked and enhanced system" that will enable the League to block more pirate streams than ever before

The Premier League has obtained what are described as “enhanced” powers from the High Court in its on-going battle with the pirates.

According to the Financial Times, the league has secured new “Super Block” Orders, which are described as “a reworked and enhanced system,” that will enable the Premier League to block more streams than ever before.

Details of exactly what the new Super Block orders entail have not been revealed.

The Premier League said it had “blocked or disrupted” 329,000 illegal streams of matches last season.

Last year it was estimated Premier League football clubs are losing up to £1 million per game due to illegal streaming and piracy.

Based on eight matches from the 2018/19 season, a report from GumGum Sports and MUSO found each match had an average illegal audience of 7.1 million viewers, with more than one million of those from China. The other big markets for digital piracy are Vietnam, Kenya, India and Nigeria. The UK is 11th on the list.